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Clinical Weight Loss Program

Lifestyle Evolution offers a virtual group coaching program based in functional clinical weight loss, supported by health coaching, to bring about overall lifestyle change. We form a committed integrative and functional health-coaching partnership. Our program is designed to ensure your weight loss success.


Personalized Health Plan

Although our program is in a group format, we provide you with a personalized weight loss nutrition template and opportunities for one-on-one support as well. You will also delve into education and guidance around mindset, stress management, sleep practices, movement, and much more! In addition, we teach you how to maintain these new skill sets, and your weight loss, for the rest of your life.


Reverse Obesity and Diabetes 

You will achieve success by employment of a proprietary transformative prevention-based clinical weight loss health-coaching program. This program focuses on the reversal of obesity, life-long weight gain, and obesity related chronic diseases (i.e., cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases).

Integrative and Functional Medicine

First, we create a therapeutic treatment plan based on your bio-individuality. This treatment plan produces permanent life changing results for every client we work with. We do this through an integrative and functional medicine model. Then we add applied clinical expertise in nutrition, exercise physiology, and behavioral and environmental lifestyle change.

Make the Move to Change

Your Life Today.


We have a Plan for Every

Individual Who is Committed

to Attaining the Achievement of Their Weight Loss Goal. We Will Not Fail You.

Make the Move to Change

Your Life Today.


"Success isn't a Result of Spontaneous Combustion. You Must Set Yourself on Fire."

~ Arnold H Glasow

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