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Our Mission Statement


Your Health is Our Principal Focus

It is our continuing organizational mission to empower people to live a healthy life. The attainment of your weight loss, health, and lifestyle change goals is our principal focus.


Real Lifestyle Change

We implement evidence-based health recommendations that are guided by bio-individuality, and integrate environmental, behavioral, nutritional, and physical activity that create a foundation for real lifestyle change to occur.

Lifelong Success

Our integrative and functional health-coaching prevention-based model is a partnership that employs consistent accountability, and passionately invests in your commitment and life long success.

Personal Growth

Achievement of our aims will be measured through innovative, sustainable, and viable solutions. Also we offer unwavering commitment to customer service, and an uncompromising professional code of conduct that is directed towards personal growth.

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Dr. Steven Finch


Jeanna Finch

Clinical Weight Loss
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