What drives the passion and performance of our company and team are the outcomes our clients experience, regarding weight loss, improving their health,  and creating a sustainable lifestyle in which they thrive! We take great pride in providing these client testimonials, that detail not only who we are as a Functional Health Practice, but more importantly, the relationships and community we have created in the process. We can help you too!

Scroll through these amazing before and afters, and explore the video testimonials below to learn more from our very own clients.

Helen Weight Loss Transformation
Helen is currently down over 130 lbs and is still going strong after her recent knee surgery. She has also reversed her diabetes, high blood pressure and osteopenia (bone density).
John Weight Loss Transformation
John lost 150 lbs in our program, almost a decade ago, and is still living his best life! He no longer suffers from chronic pain, sleep apnea, or high blood pressure.
Rene H Before and After
When Rene started this journey at 307 lbs, she got  winded walking short distances, struggled to bend down to tie her shoes, was on blood pressure medication, and was on the cusp of diabetes. She lost 131 lbs, is off BP meds, her IBS is gone, and her joint pain has been alleviated.
Barb Mallory - Copy

Barb says, "For those who are obese. You do not have a moral failing. You are not broken. It's a terminal illness left untreated. Do not lose hope but stop denying the disease and seek treatment. Thank you Dr. Steve Finch for giving me knowledge, inspiration and guidance during this process. It's amazing to be able to get in a size 12 pant."

Peg Weight Loss Transformation

Peg has lost 40 lbs, and has improved her diabetes, blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.

Dana L.

Natalie D.

John S.

Helen C. (7.2023)

Helen C. (1.2024)

Rob B.

Karen B.

Jen M.

Peg S.


I can't say enough about how Steve changed my life! He coached and encouraged me through the process. Unlike "fad" diets, this is a change in lifestyle and how you think about food and nutrition. The first thirty days I lost 11 1bs. of FAT and 5 and 3/4 inches. I have dropped from a 16W to size 12 skinny jeans and my top size went from 1-2X to a large. It's all about the fat!

The most exciting part was my annual physical after 4 months into the program. My doctor and I had argued about cholesterol meds (which I won't take) and after my blood work she said keep doing what you are doing....I was 8 points from perfect!! And I eat eggs and bacon or sausage every day :) Like I said, I can't say enough and haven't even said it all!!!

~ Shirley M.

Working with Dr. Finch was an experience that became about more than just losing weight. I lost over 70 pounds which was amazing, but the real victory was gaining the knowledge and understanding of how everything I put into my body was affecting my health.

This kind of knowledge is life-changing and is something that doesn’t end once the weight is gone. I wish everyone could have access to this kind of knowledge, and the experience of working with someone who cheered me on and empowered me every step of the way. Thank you!

~ Jennifer G.

I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. I was told I had to go on an infusion drip every 4 weeks for the rest of my life. I asked Jeanna if this program would help my autoimmune disease, and she said absolutely. I was amazed to find that after a short period of time the pain subsided greatly. But the most amazing thing was when I went to my rheumatologist, my previous inflammation markers were through the roof and now they were normal. My vitamin D levels, also normal. I was very excited about all these numbers. I wanted to shout it from the mountaintops. Then at my cardiologist, my good cholesterol number had been low, and it is now normal. I am so excited, as according to all of my blood work, I am healthy as a horse!!!

Thank you Dr Steven Finch and Jeanna Finch, and everyone at Lifestyle Evolution for making this happen for me. I could not have done it without them. I highly recommend this program for anybody who has any serious medical problems and or weight loss issues. Not only did my blood test numbers get significantly better, in the process I lost weight! I can’t say enough about Lifestyle Evolution. Except for to start today you won’t be disappointed that you did!

~ Kathleen P.

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