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What drives the passion and performance of our company is honest evaluation of what weight loss goals our clients achieved and health outcomes expectations they have attained, and how our professional clinical therapeutic services are perceived. We take great pride in providing these client testimonials, that detail not only who we are as a weight loss and health organization, but more importantly, the lifelong bonds and friendships we have created in the process. We can help you too!

Dana L.
LE Client Results John Website Picture 2
John S.

I made contact with Dr. Steve Finch in February of 2014. It was a day that changed my life forever. I was 51 years old, 5'8, and weighed 340 pounds. I was on 3 blood pressure medications due to hypertension. I also had sleep apnea and had to take my CPAP everywhere I traveled  and also used on a nightly basis. I was waking up every day with joint and back pain from being obese. Life was difficult. Steve changed all that. Within 10 Days ALL my pain went away. In less than a year I lost over 1oo pounds. In a year and a half, over 150 pounds. All while traveling long distance 6 times a year to take care of family obligations.

As of today April 2020, Its still off and I never regained. Yes, there were challenges but Steve was there every step of the way. Its safe to say the program works. It works because Steve Finch is someone who is knowledgeable in this field and cares about who he works with. In Steve, you will find a doctor, a psychologist, a nutritionist, a personal trainer and most of all, a FRIEND who will not let you fail. 


With ALOHA, 



Barb M.

I am excited and please to announce--no, I'm not getting married, no, I'm not pregnant--hey, miracles happen. I am officially no longer obese (by BMI standards). It has been a long journey with successes and disappointments. I am hoping to have found a new knowledge and lifestyle that will allow me to continue and then maintain for the rest of my life. And that the years that remain are healthier and happier than all that have passed. My journey is far from over. I share a disease state with millions of Americans, over a billion in the world called obesity. It's a horrible disease and complex. For those who are obese. You do not have a moral failing. You are not broken. It's a terminal illness left untreated. Do not lose hope but stop denying the disease and seek treatment.

LE Client Results Website Picture Barb 2

I truly believed I would never achieve this. I was working hard toward it but still held onto doubt. I wasn't a fat kid until adolescence. I was nearly 300 pounds when I graduated high school. The highest weight I reached was somewhere in the mid 390s. A little over three years ago I rearranged my guts, gastric bypass. I lost 100 pounds in six months. Then another twenty pounds or so before I stalled out. My partner and I ate out a lot. When I stopped doing that I started losing again. Twenty pounds in a month. It is clear that the processed, poor quality food was having a bad affect on my body. In August I start a version of the Paleo diet. Thanks Heidi Walling for getting me started and keeping me motivated. And Steven Kelley Finch for giving me knowledge, inspiration and guidance during this process. It's amazing to be able to get In a size 12 pant. Now I'm still fat, but by overweight standards. So for as much doubt as I had I believe the definition of a miracle is having an amazing thing happen even if you have lost faith in it. Thanks everybody for your part in this process, I did not do it alone. 



Rene H Before and After.jpg
Rene. B.

Working with Dr. Steven Finch and Jeanna Finch at Lifestyle Evolution is one of the best choices I have ever made! They changed my life! When I started this journey, I was 51 years old, 5’5” and weighed 307 pounds. I would get winded walking the short distance to my mailbox, I struggled to bend down to tie my shoes, I was on blood pressure medication, was on the cusp of diabetes and had a myriad of other challenges you have when you’re severely overweight. Worst of all, I was missing out doing things in life because I was too big or couldn’t keep up with others.

With their personal attention, knowledge, and unwavering nutrition support over 13 months, I lost 131 pounds, 13 inches off my waist, and am down from a size 28 to 14! Jeanna also helped with AIP (autoimmune protocol) recipes and shared great ideas from her food blog I am eating healthier, I’m off my blood pressure meds, blood sugar is normal, my IBS is gone, and my back and knee pain has been alleviated.

I feel like a new person and my energy level is through the roof! I’m out being an active participant in life, instead of sitting on the couch in pain. I can’t say “Thank You” enough to Dr. Finch, Jeanna, and this program for teaching me how to lose weight, get healthy and get moving again! On with the journey! - Rene


I can't say enough about how Steve changed my life! He coached and encouraged me through the process. Unlike "fad" diets, this is a change in lifestyle and how you think about food and nutrition. The first thirty days I lost 11 1bs. of FAT and 5 and 3/4 inches. I have dropped from a 16W to size 12 skinny jeans and my top size went from 1-2X to a large. It's all about the fat! The most exciting part was my annual physical after 4 months into the program. My doctor and I had argued about cholesterol meds (which I won't take) and after my blood work she said keep doing what you are doing....I was 8 points from perfect!! And I eat eggs and bacon or sausage every day :) Like I said, I can't say enough and haven't even said it all!!!

~ Shirley McBain     

Working with Dr. Finch was an experience that became about more than just losing weight. I lost over 70 pounds which was amazing, but the real victory was gaining the knowledge and understanding of how everything I put into my body was affecting my health. This kind of knowledge is life-changing and is something that doesn’t end once the weight is gone. I wish everyone could have access to this kind of knowledge, and the experience of working with someone who cheered me on and empowered me every step of the way. Thank you!

~ Jennifer Gaydeski     


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