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"The secret to change is to focus ALL of your energy not on

fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates


What has come before during your health and weight loss journey is in the past, and if you are here, you are looking for something different - something achievable AND sustainable (this is key). We are happy you found us! Our nutrition and health coaching program is customized to each person's nutritional needs, is rooted in whole foods, and also delves into the other lifestyle areas that impact health: stress management, sleep practices, movement, mindfulness, and more!


Although our full scale program is typically 6 months, our Lifestyle Evolution 30-day Challenge is a unique opportunity to see what we do without any obligation to continue after the 30 days. HOWEVER, we do feel strongly that once you see our level of support and education, as well as results, you will want to stay with us to realize your full health transformation!

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" This is no gimmick - if you want a REAL lifestyle change with amazing results.... then you better call this company. Don’t waste your money going somewhere else." - Sabrina M., Past Client

Client Testimonial - Dana L.

So what is included in the 30-day Challenge?

  • Detailed nutrition intake with our Certified Nutrition Specialist and Board Certified Obesity and Weight Loss Management Specialist, Dr. Steven Finch

  • Customized whole foods nutrition template - no gimmicks and no processed foods. Our template addresses your specific health conditions and is very simple - just pick foods from the list!

  • Access to our Lifestyle Evolution food and lifestyle journal (online and in an app) where you will:

    • Upload food pictures - yes, just pictures! No need to count macros or measure anything.

    • Be able to chat online with your practitioners whenever you have questions. It is like having an ongoing text stream

    • Have the option to also track your movement, mood, water intake and other lifestyle factors you may want to be keeping an eye on.

    • Access all your client profile details and scheduling links.

  • Weekly Group Coaching sessions online with our health coaching team and other clients on this life-changing journey. This is a highly supportive, judgment-free environment where you are able to walk away each week with a very specific lifestyle goal that you have honed in during the session. We believe in an experimental mindset and learning to set goals that are attainable and build your confidence week after week.

  • A powerful 1:1 visioning session with one of our coaches where we will help you create a long-term vision for your health and wellness

  • Access to ALL 16 of our educational modules, whether you stay with us longer or not! This content is a robust mix of education around nutrition, weight loss, movement, sleep practices, stress management, mindfulness, guided meditations, and more. You will have lifetime access, so whenever we add new content, you will be able to download it, even after you leave the program.

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Client Testimonial - Rene B.

Rene H Before and After.jpg

Working with Dr. Steven Finch and Jeanna Finch at Lifestyle Evolution is one of the best choices I have ever made! They changed my life! When I started this journey, I was 51 years old, 5’5” and weighed 307 pounds. I would get winded walking the short distance to my mailbox, I struggled to bend down to tie my shoes, I was on blood pressure medication, was on the cusp of diabetes and had a myriad of other challenges you have when you’re severely overweight. Worst of all, I was missing out doing things in life because I was too big or couldn’t keep up with others.

With their personal attention, knowledge, and unwavering nutrition support over 13 months, I lost 131 pounds, 13 inches off my waist, and am down from a size 28 to 14! Jeanna also helped with AIP (autoimmune protocol) recipes and shared great ideas from her food blog I am eating healthier, I’m off my blood pressure meds, blood sugar is normal, my IBS is gone, and my back and knee pain has been alleviated.

I feel like a new person and my energy level is through the roof! I’m out being an active participant in life, instead of sitting on the couch in pain. I can’t say “Thank You” enough to Dr. Finch, Jeanna, and this program for teaching me how to lose weight, get healthy and get moving again! On with the journey! - Rene

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Sill reading and curious about what happens after the 30 days?

The first 30 days are exciting and most clients see big changes when focused and staying on plan. If at the end of your 30 days you want to continue to work with our team to fully realize your health goals, then we ask for an additional 5-month commitment so we can dig deep with you. As you transition into this phase, we then add:

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions with one of our Certified Functional Health Coaches. These sessions are where we go deeper into your vision and goals, that will be a key part of your journey.

  • Access to free client-only Q&As and other special workshops.

Client Testimonial - Karen B.

Are You a Fit? Let's Find Out!

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I can't say enough about how Steve changed my life! He coached and encouraged me through the process. Unlike "fad" diets, this is a change in lifestyle and how you think about food and nutrition. The first thirty days I lost 11 1bs. of FAT and 5 and 3/4 inches. I have dropped from a 16W to size 12 skinny jeans and my top size went from 1-2X to a large. It's all about the fat! The most exciting part was my annual physical after 4 months into the program. My doctor and I had argued about cholesterol meds (which I won't take) and after my blood work she said keep doing what you are doing....I was 8 points from perfect!! And I eat eggs and bacon or sausage every day :) Like I said, I can't say enough and haven't even said it all!!!

~ Shirley McBain     

Working with Dr. Finch was an experience that became about more than just losing weight. I lost over 70 pounds which was amazing, but the real victory was gaining the knowledge and understanding of how everything I put into my body was affecting my health. This kind of knowledge is life-changing and is something that doesn’t end once the weight is gone. I wish everyone could have access to this kind of knowledge, and the experience of working with someone who cheered me on and empowered me every step of the way. Thank you!

~ Jennifer Gaydeski     


Be our Next Success Story and Receive a 1-Year Weight Loss Maintenance Plan.

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